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The 6-piece emo band will be heading to Cardiff as they warm up for this year’s Arctangent festival.

Channeling experimental eclecticism through the nostalgic sounds of their
youth, six-piece emo outfit itoldyouiwouldeatyou paint a vision of a better
future for a maligned and oft-problematic genre.

Primarily written by frontperson Joey Ashworth and their decade-long writing
partner Josh See, the band released their debut Oh Dearism in late 2018 via
Alcopop! and Failure By Design Records. A shapeshifting record which takes
in electronic, post-punk and classical influence alongside the band’s more
traditional emo sensibility, Oh Dearism garnered acclaim for thoughtful takes
on everything from personal strife to class struggle, mental illness to
international heritage.

“The fervency that follows itoldyouiwouldeatyou looks set to become their
calling card—more than just a fanbase, they are building a following on as
much a vision for a more progressive future as on their stunning musical
output itself.” – Tom Connick (NME, DIY, Dirty Hit)